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Award Winning Healthcare Business Development Expert for 

Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Organizations!

Project Manager Specialist in: Startups, Blueprint Expansions & Underperformance Turn Arounds! 

Private Equity Acquistion Broker Implementing, Executing & Closing Double-Triple Digit Million Dollar Seller-Buyer Exit Strategies! 

*20+ Year Vertical Healthcare Business Success Owning & Operating Medical Practices & High-Volume Substance Use Disorder Facilities

*Subject Matter Expert in Current Modern Healthcare Business Landscapes with a Long list of Successful Large Facility & Group Practice Turnarounds

*Long-Term Very Successful Career in Academics & Research Graduating with Superior Honors, Commendations & Distinctions

 Cultivates, Manages & Maintains

Direct Long-Term Highly Valued Relationships with:

100+ SUD Addiction Recovery Treatment Facilities & Providers

100+ Inc. 500 Healthcare Business Owners & Executives

50+ Commercial & CMS Insurance Carriers

30+ ACGME Teaching University Hospitals

20+ International Research Facilities
SUD FAC OPT Facility Optimization

Addiction Recovery Specialist Services

Veterans Tricare Medical & Behavioral

Way Medical & Behavioral Health Group

Addiction Recovery Medical Infusion Clinics

SUD IV Medical Behavioral Billing & RCM Group
CEO/CC0/CFO C-Suite Officer of 45 Bed Treatment Facility
Chief Compliance Officer for Joint Commission Facilities 

Senior VP Director of Business Development & Outreach

Revenue Cycle Specialist & Director of Utilization Review 
Clinical Program Director & Supervisor for All Levels of Care
Founder & President of SUD Facility Optimization: Proforma Turnaround Specialist
Founding Member & Principal Neuroscientist at Neuroscience Institute on Addiction

Internationally Published Peer Reviewed Author with 8 Books & 30+ Abstract Citations
Treatment Facility Rapid Vertical Startup, Expansion & Turnaround Specialist

Continuous Sustained Compliance Monitoring & Risk Management Specialist
CMS, Federal & State Licensing & Credentialing Chief Compliance Specialist
Revenue Cycle Management Data Aggregation & Analytics Specialist
National Top 10 Payer-Provider Contracting Relationship Specialist
In Network Contracting & High-Level Rate Negotiation Specialist
NIH-NIDA-HEAL Grant Developer, Writer & Clinical Design Specialist
USPTO Patent & Trademark Author, Developer & Creator Specialist
Utilization Review Specialist: Level 3 Appeal Peer Review Specialist
Internal and External Revenue Cycle EDI-ERA-EMR-PM-CH Specialist
ICD10 Dx-CPT-HCPCS-MOD-UNIT-POS Alignment Audit Specialist

Ambulatory Care & Behavioral Health Joint Commission Accreditation Specialist

Maximum Reimbursement Billing-Collections Crosswalk Optimization Specialist
"There is no such thing as a stand-alone-cookie cutter treatment plan for those suffering from addiction. SUD Treatment frameworks evidence base practice outcome data provides substantive proof that SUD Treatment Programs are: Integrated, Multi-Dimensional & Multi-Disciplinary.”

Dr. Jay Bouldin

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Compliance Officer


  • Successfully Retired from Direct Patient Care in 2014 with 20+ year success owning and operating Healthcare Practices, Facilities & Businesses.

  • Healthcare Business Development Expert with over 3 dozen successful healthcare business startups and turnarounds.

  • Achieves Effective Profitable Utilization at the Highest Levels of Care for the Longest Continued Stays with the Highest Reimbursements

  • Driven Book of Business of Referral Partnerships with hospitals, large groups, facilities, practices & providers of all disciplines and all credentials.

  • Tested, Reliable, Accountable and Trusted Healthcare Business Professional in the medical and mental healthcare business space.

  • Dynamic, Personable Expert in Today’s Healthcare business landscape with a long list of successful practice, facility & large group startups and turnarounds.

  • Healthcare Business Subject Mater Expert with levels of broad-spectrum tested and reliable Healthcare Business Acumen and Competency Skills Sets   

  • Cultivated & Maintains Current Direct Referral Relationships with High Volume Referral Partners with above average monthly admissions:

  • Developed Long Term Relationships with National & Local Hospitals, Residential Treatment Facilities & Large Group Medical & Behavioral Health Practices.

  • Distinctive & Awarded Career in Academics and Research Graduating with Honors, recommendations & awards with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Dual-Doctorate.

  • Distinguished & Highly Regarded Publisher with 8 ISBN Commercial Books & 30+ peer reviewed citations on NCBI-PUBMED.

  • Subject Matter Expert in Addiction and Recovery Healthcare with numerous evidence-based research papers regarding: Addiction & Recovery Principles, Multi-Disciplinary-Multi-Dimensional Treatment Modalities, and Neuroscience Reward Cascade Mechanisms.

  • Maintained the Highest-Level Executive Positions in Medical and Mental Health Addiction Treatment Facilities such as: Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Utilization Review & Revenue Cycle Management

  • I Am Able To:

  1. Precisely comprehend and navigate the intricacies of current healthcare system architecture.

  2. Orchestrate, direct, motivate, supervise, and train providers, staff and executive leadership.

  3. Provide best practices compliant workflow competencies which can and will exceed standards.

  4. Achieve and sustain vertical positive profit margins while overcoming any potential challenges.

  5. Provide positive long-term growth and development outcomes for healthcare businesses.

  6. Provide the highest quality and standard of care in the current complex healthcare system.

  7. Meet & exceed average expectations while overcoming the most difficult business challenges.


  • Development: Referral Marketing Outreach Cultivator & Long-Term Relationship Specialist

  • Compliance: Continuous, Sustained Compliance Monitoring & Risk Management Specialist

  • Licensing: CMS, Federal, State Licensing & Credentialing Chief Compliance Specialist

  • Joint Commission: Ambulatory Care & Behavioral Health TJC Accreditation Specialist

  • UR-RCM: Revenue Cycle Management Data Aggregation & Analytics Specialist

  • Contracting: National Top 10 Payer-Provider Contracting Relationship Specialist

  • Utilization: Collection Team Build Out, Supervision & Level 3 Peer Review Specialist

  • Rate Negotiation: In Network Contracting & High-Level Rate Negotiation Specialist

  • Grant Manager: NIH-NIDA-HEAL RFA Research Designer & Investigator Specialist

  • Program Director: DCF-JC-SAMHSA-ASAM Clinical Program Design Specialist

  • Publisher: NCBI-NATURE Published Author & Patent Developer Specialist

  • Auditor: Internal & External Payer Revenue Cycle Analysis Specialist

  • EMR-PM: Clearing House-Payer Onboarding Training Specialist

  • ICD-10 Crosswalk Optimization: CPT-ICD10-MOD Specialist



  • Business Development Director: 20+ Existing & Continued High Volume Direct Referral Partnerships in Florida. IE: Peer Colleagues Directors in Hospitals & High Acuity SUD Treatment Facilities in Florida.

  • Executive Director: 45 Bed Gender Specific, Dual Diagnosis LOCs: Detox, RTC, PHP, IOP & OP 2019-2021 with facility being completely solvent in 12 months of reimbursements.

  • Director of Operations: Facility Operations for 30 bed facility, Ran Day to Day Operations, for Staff Scheduling, Continuous Compliance 2017-2018

  • Chief Compliance Officer: 40 bed facility, DCF-JCAHO-State Licensing Statues Regulation Compliance Measures 2016 to 2023 for multiple facilities

  • Director of Utilization Review: Completed all Utilization Reviews for clients for client insurance providers for all Levels of Care for ASAM Dimension Placement Criteria 2017-2022

  • Director of Chemical Dependency Education: Multiple Facility Staff and Client Educator for Neuroscientific Principles of Addiction as a Disease 2016-2022

  • Case Manager: Worked with 30 bed Facility for Inpatient Clients and Their Families to Coordinate any and all Medical and Nonmedical Case Load Related Issues for Clients 2016-2017

  • Director of Admissions: Took Front End Inbound Calls from Potential Clients and Their Families to Continued Follows Ups Until Client was Admitted with Deposits and Payments 2016-2017

  • Director of Intake: Initial Intake Assessments and TX Work ups, Biopsychosocial and Treatment Plan Reviews for all Incoming Clients 2017-2019

  • Recovery Advocate/BHT: Day to Day Contact with clients, monitored progress, overseeing groups and Individual Sessions, Medicine Administration Delivery, Detailed Reporting Certified 2016



Chief ‘Solo’ Behavioral Health Facility Consultant

  1. A Bridge to Growth-Director of Operations (Interim)-2016

  2. Recovery by the Sea-Joint Commission Surveyor, Contracting & UR-RCM-2016-2017

  3. Logistics Medical Billing-Coding-Collections & UR Onboarding-2017

  4. Reditas Billers & Coders-Billing, Coding, Collections & UR Onboarding-2017

  5. Mileor Health Group-SUD Facility Joint Commission Program & Credentialing-2017

  6. Detox of Delray-Joint Commission Surveyor & DCF POC Specialist-2017-2018

  7. Treatment Alternatives-Joint Commission Surveyor, Interim Director of Contracting & UR-2017-2018

  8. Serenity Ranch-Joint Commission for Cause Surveyor, Interim Director of Operations, Licensing-2018

  9. Arnica Healthcare-Interim Director of Operations, Credentialing, Licensing, Contracting, UR-RCM-2018

  10. Serenity Spring-Joint Commission for Cause Survey & DCF POCs -2018

  11. Pearl of the Sea Retreat-Business Development, Contracting & UR-RCM Onboarding-2019

  12. I-Symmetry Infusion Center-Interim Director of Operations & Compliance Director-2019

  13. Emerald Neuro-Recover Center- Interim Executive Director & Joint Commission Surveyor-2019

  14. Recover Us Treatment Center- EMR-PM Onboarding, Billing, UR-2019

  15. Emeral Neuro-Recover Treatment Center PHP/IOP Licensing, Contracting & Credentialing-2020

  16. Emerald Recovery Treatment Center-EMR-PM Onboarding, Billing, UR-RCM-2020

  17. Truth Treatment Centers-Interim Executive Director & Start Up Business Development-2020-2021

  18. Truth Treatment Center-RTC/PHP/IOP/OP Joint Commission Survey Champion-2020-2021

  19. RMG/TTC Health-Licensing, Contracting Credentialing, EMR-PM Onboarding, Billing, UR-2020-2022

  20. Revive Medical Group-Interim Executive Director-2021-2022

  21. Revive Medical Group-Start Up, Contracting, Credentialing, EMR-PM, Billing, UR-2020-2022

  22. Turning Winds Adolescent PFTR-RTC-Contracting and Credentialing Start Up-2021

  23. Innovation Medical-Contracting Credentialing, EMR-PM Onboarding, Billing, UR-2021

  24. Gateway Hope Services-Joint Commission Prep and State Licensing-2021

  25. Infusion Revenue Professionals-Billing & UR-RCM & CEO-2021

  26. VET(Way) Medical Group-Full Start Up Project Protocols & CEO-2022

  27. ARS Medical Behavioral-Full Start Up Project & Credentialing-2023

  28. Willow Counseling-Joint Commission Manuals & Contracting-2023

  29. Dade Family Counselors-Business Development & Compliance-2023

  30. Wellness Restore Medical-Business Development Startup-2023


Founder & CEO of Successfully Owned Businesses with High Equity Exit Strategies:

  • CEO & Chief Consultant Officer for SUD Facility Optimization: Under Performance Specialist

  • CEO & Chief Research Officer: Principal Investigator of Neuroscience Institute on Addiction

  • CEO & Chief Clinical Addiction Neuroscientist: Addiction Recovery Medical Infusion Clinics

  • CEO & Co-Owner of ARS/Way Medical Group: Addiction Recovery Services & Concierge


 "In the 1st Person"

I am a tested, reliable, accountable and trusted professional in the medical and mental healthcare business space, who is properly trained, supervised and skilled in past, present and future healthcare business architecture.


I understand through experience the numerous types of healthcare facility and practice business models where I am able to precisely comprehend and navigate the intricacies of today's modern healthcare marketplace landscape.


I have had and continue to have numerous successful and profitable years in my healthcare business which gives me the ability to provide positive long term growth and development patterns for my clients where I have achieved and sustained vertical positive profit margins while concurrently overcoming  any potential business development challenges.


I am blessed and fortunate to have learned from many colleagues, proctors and partners over the course of many years which has provided me with specific insights and abilities which allow me to operate effectively and efficiently for my clients.

I have cultivated and maintained long term professional relationships with:

Teaching Hospitals, Medical Universities, Research Facilities, Commercial Third Party Insurances, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies


Inc. 500 Healthcare Business Owners & Executives,

who have taught me valuable healthcare business architecture, industry  leader insider intel, necessary high level theoretical concepts as well as how to practice the highest quality and standard of care on how to operate my business with best practices and principles for success in today's complex healthcare system.

In Lieu of these events,

I am able to handle, meet and exceed average expectations in your business and overcome the difficult and diverse business challenges you may face.

I am able to identify and to overcome many challenges and obstacles for my clients to safely and effectively reach their achievements and vertical successes.


I am able to orchestrate, direct, motivate, supervise and train you and your staff to produce, achieve  and sustain successful results in all facets of your business.

I feel and others have felt that my past and present work related history in the medical field for over 25 years, allows me to provide a level of workflow competencies which can and will exceed that of today's

modern healthcare business standards.


"When I am Not Sure About Something or When I Do Not Know Something, which does happen, I Have been Trained to Identify the Deficiency, Readily Admit It,

Then Know Where to Find 

The Correct, Accurate Information and Intelligence,

"Quickly & Correctly!"


*Work In Vivo / VItro with Staff

*Proprietary Payer Relationships 

*Advanced Cutting-Edge Analytical Tools

*Accurate Data Aggregation and Analytics

*Healthcare Business Compliance Knowledge

*Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Medical Knowledge 

TJC Accreditation Specialist ! 


PAYER Contracting Specialist !

 Short Menu of Specialties:

Business Develpment Client Referral Expert, Revenue Cycle Business Optimization & Development, Network Enrollments & Contract Negotiations, The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Site Credentialing & Survey Champion, State & Federal Licensing, Medical & Clinical Program Design Development, DHHS, CMS, DCF, MHAS, DMHA, DHHS, DMHA & Joint Commission, Continuous Compliance Standards Monitoring, Customized & Specialized PnP Manual(s) from Creation to Implementation, Utilization Management Optimization


  • I Am Not Just Your Consultant!

  • I Am Your Partner In Business!

  • Your Success = My Success!

  • Your Outcomes = My Outcomes!

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