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Academic Experience

Jay Bouldin:

  • Retired from direct patient care in 2014 for NIH-NIDA addiction recovery research and to operate 3 successful healthcare businesses.

  • Comes from a healthcare education and business background for over 20+ years where he has successfully studied, worked and owned his own healthcare businesses.

  • Comes from a long and successful career in academics where he has studied and traveled across around the world from the US to England and beyond where he has graduated with a comprehensive and integrated academic and research background in the fields of: Molecular Biology, Immuno- pathology, Clinical Sciences and Medical Sciences at the Bachelors, Masters and Dual-Doctorate Level.

  • Holds degrees in Bachelor of Science in Biology, Master of Clinical Science with a thesis defense in Didactic Medical Core Rotations Curriculum, a MBBS Doctorate (UK-MBBS-MD, Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery and a Medical Doctorate with Summa Cum Laude Honors.

  • Attended a highly regarded Addiction and Recovery Medicine CAP Program for Healthcare Professionals, where he has written over 60 evidence-based research papers regarding many different subjects such as: “Addiction & Recovery Principles, Substance & Non-Substance Chemical Dependency-Tolerance-Withdrawal, Multi-Disciplinary-Multi-Dimensional SUD Treatment Modalities, and Addiction Neuroscience.

  • Has expert levels of broad-spectrum Healthcare Business Acumen and competency from working in the highest-level of capacity in Mental & Behavioral Health Substance Use Disorder Facilities providing full continuum levels of care.

  • Has held high level executive positions in Addiction Treatment Facilities such as: Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Utilization Review, Director of Revenue Cycle Management as well as Chief Program Trainer for High Acuity Levels of Care.

  • Is a widely and highly regarded Internationally Published Author with 8 ISBN Listed Books which have been peer reviewed before, during and after his Thesis Defense.

Professional SUD Treatment Philosophy:

"There is no such thing as a cookie cutter treatment plan for those suffering from The Chronic Disease of Addiction. The current landscapes of evidence base research providers substantive proof, that Addiction and Recovery Treatment should be: Multi-Factorial, Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Disciplinary Modalities.”


Has found through personal and professional observation:

“Addiction treatment models utilizing comprehensive and integrated evidence-based disciplines coupled with: alternative, complementary, functional naturopathic treatment interventions provide the best long term positive treatment outcomes when combined concurrently with spiritually centered professional mental & behavioral treatment programming!”



Author, Creator & Developer for all Phases of All Publications & Patents

  1. The SUD Papers by Jay Bouldin, ISBN: 978-1-63972-049-1, (2015)

  2. The H&P Pocket Guide for Med Students, ISBN: 978-1-68524-600-6, (2000)

  3. The Core Rotations Manual for the USMLEs, ISBN: 978-1-68524-619-8, (2001)

  4. How to Turn Around an Underperforming Medical Practice, ISBN: 978-1-68524-640-2, (2016)

  5. How to Open and Sustain a Profitable SUD Treatment Facility, ISBN: 978-1-68524-640-2, (2017)

  6. How to Open and Sustain a Profitable Brain Optimization Practice, ISBN: 978-1-68524-640-2 (2019)

  7. How to Consolidate & Leverage Your Federal Med Student Loans, ISBN: 978-1-68524-200-6 (2003)

  8. IV NTR Micro-Nutrient Neuro-Restoration (IV NTR3 MNNR), ISBN: 978-1-68524-643-3 (2019)

  9. USPTO Trademark: RESTORITRAL: IV TB2R4 Total Brain and Body Regeneration, (2020)

  10. USPTO Trademark: RESTORITROL: IV NTR3 Micronutrient Neuro-Restoration, (2021)

  11. USPTO Provisional Patent: IV NTR3 Neuro-Restoration, (2020)

  12. USPTO Provisional Patent:  IV TB2R4 Total Brain & Body Regeneration, (2021)

  13. USPTO Provisional Patent: Advanced Medical Infusion Billing Frameworks, (2021)

 Long Standing Relationships with:

"Teaching Hospitals, Medical Universities, Research Facilities, Commercial Third-Party Insurance Carriers, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies & Inc. 100 Healthcare Business Owners & Executives!"

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TJC Accreditation Specialist ! 


PAYER Contracting Specialist !

 Short Menu of Specialties:

Business Development Outreach Expert with SUD Facilities Operation, Patient/Client Placement Referral Program for All LOCs, Revenue Cycle Business Optimization & Development, Network Enrollments & Contract Negotiations, The Joint Commission Site Credentialing &Survey Champion, State & Federal Licensing, Medical & Clinical Program Design Development, DHHS, CMS,DCF, MHAS,DMHA, DHHS, DMHA & Joint Commission Survey Champion, Continuous Compliance Standards Monitoring, Customized & Specialized PnP Manual(s) from Creation to Implementation, Utilization Optimization

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