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We're delighted to announce The Virtual Brain Cloud Facility Hub at Charité Berlin! The Hub offers access to The Virtual Brain Cloud ecosystem on EBRAINS, with services for constructing, #simulating and analyzing #brain network models, all in compliance with #data protection law. The service includes the following components: 🧠 TVB network simulator 🧰 Magnetic resonance imaging processing pipelines to extract structural and functional connectomes 🖥️ Multiscale co-simulation of spiking and large-scale networks 🧠 Simulation-ready brain network models of patients and healthy volunteers 👩‍💻 Interfaces to knowledge bases (ScaiView literature mining, pathway inventory NeuroMMSig, EBRAINS atlases) for the integration of biological knowledge in 3D brain models 📚 Extensive educational material 📊 Data protection concept & data protection impact assessment Facility Hubs grant users access to the state-of-the-art facilities and resources of Human Brain Project partner institutions. They aim to foster #collaboration and to enable users to conduct cutting-edge #scientific #research.


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