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Brain Regeneration: Naturopathically!

Dr Jockers Guide to Brain Regeneration

Brain Cell Regeneration

Brain regeneration is an important concept that is critical in today’s environment. Your brain is the command center of your nervous system and the center of all of your body’s functions and systems. The health of your brain is essential for your memory, learning, mental energy, and mood, and the prevention of mental health issues and neurodegenerative disorders.

Even though most of your brain cells are formed in the womb and during infancy, new

research suggests that your brain is able to regenerate and create new cells throughout your life. This means that you can keep your brain health, mental energy, and memory even as you age.

In this document, you will learn what brain regeneration, BDNF and neuroplasticity are and why are they important for brain health. You will understand the most common things that can damage your brain. I will also share 12 powerful ways to heal your brain cells and support your brain health naturally.

What is Brain Regeneration?

Your brain is one of your most important organs. It is the center of all of your body’s functions and systems. It serves as a command center for your nervous system that perceives stimuli, activates responses, and obtains and sends signals across your body to keep you safe and healthy. Your brain is also the place where your memory is stored and learning, cognition, and individual growth is happening.

Clearly, the health of your brain is critical and should be protected. You may think that it is normal for your brain to decline with age, however, that is not necessarily the case. Nutrition, lifestyle habits, and other factors all affect your brain health. More importantly, and contrary

to old beliefs, your brain is able to generate new brain cells.

How Brain Regeneration Works

Most of your brain cells are formed while you were in your mother’s womb. Other neural cells

of your brain developed during infancy. Until recent decades, doctors believed a certain level of brain degeneration is inevitable because your brain had a limited capacity to regenerate.

Now we know better.

New research from the last two decades suggests that your brain is actually able to create new cells throughout your lifespan and brain regeneration is possible. Your brain actually still creates about 700 new neurons per day in the hippocampus. This allows the hippocampus to

maintain its central function.

The science of neurogenesis suggests that aerobic exercise, brain exercises, stress relief, and other lifestyle habits can encourage brain regeneration, improve your brain health, and may help to prevent or treat degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease,

or reverse damage from traumatic brain injury (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).


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