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  • I Am Learning to Become a Fully Committed Man of God in Recovery by Using  Christian,  Big Book,  Smart Recovery & 12 Step Principles to Practice a Daily Recovery Program, "In All of My Affairs, Personally & Professionally!"

  • I Feel & Believe, Through the Instruction & Guidance of Countless Others In Recovery, that, "There is No Recovery Without Spiritual Recovery Regardless of What You Believe In!"

  • I Am Embracing My Personal Recovery Journey with a New Found Knowledge, Under- standing  & Appreciation for the Complexity & Diversity with, "The Disease & Chronic Illness of Addiction!"

  • I Am passionate About  Fulfilling A New Meaning & Purpose for Helping Others, Like Myself, "Recover from Addiction & Live a New Life in Recovery!"

  • I Am Passionate in Helping Treatment Facilities; Reach, Treat, Help, Support, Heal & Serve Patients, Clients & Their Families, "Start a New Beginning with a New Life in Recovery!"

  • I Am Passionate About Helping Facilities, Staff & Providers: "Reach Their Full Medical, Clinical & Business Potentials!"

An Organic Relationship to Addiction Biology
The Disease of Addiction Effects US All In Some Way,
 Either Directly or Indirectly Regardless of the
Addictive Drug Of Choice or Conditioned Behavior!

Addiction Has & Holds No Prejudice to:
"Who We Are, Where We Come From, How Smart We Think We Are,
How Much We Have or What Power We Believe In!"

"Addiction Can & Will Take Those Effected by It if Left Untreated"
 "If We Love, Lead, Help, Care & Protect Each Other Equally Without  Prejudice With Total Honest and Ernest Acceptance of Others, Then Life is Worth Living & Is So Much Fun!"
"Regardless of Religion, Color, Creed & Differences, then

I Feel & Believe Wholeheartedly,
Through the Instruction & Guidance of Others In Recovery,

"Your Spiritual Journey is Yours to Identify, Define & Acknowledge To 
Create Effective Change!"

"Your Recovery Journey, Is NOT about Religion or Even A Church, Rather,
Your Recovery is About Spiritual Healing and Growth!"

"Regardless of What & Believe and What that Means for You, 
"When You Open Your Senses, Recovery Begins!"

 "If You Clear & Open Your Mind, Your Body, Your Heart, Your Soul & Your Spirit, Then, 
"A New Beginning, A New Way and A New Life Is Possible & Does Occur!"

And, When Your Spiritual Channels Open: 
"Embrace It, Cultivate It, Develop It, Manage It, Practice It, 
Then Give Back to Others The Gift Of  Recovery and Become Part of the Solution!"

What I am Learning Along this Amazing Recovery Journey, Is That,
"Recovery is Not Yours To Keep, But to Learn, Harness & Give Away Freely & Abundantly, So that Others, Just Like Yourself, Will Find & Behold What You Have,


Jay Still Loves Attending & Running
Mutual Support Groups

Giving Back to The Recovery Community!
Working an Honest, Accountable & Humble Aftercare Life Program!

"Living Happy, Joyous & Free In & Through the 12 Steps!"
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