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ACUPUNCTURE: Electrical Stimplus Pro, and... Wow...Does it Work... 3000 years of Evidence Base!

Auricular Master Points:The Master Points are the most-commonly treated auricular points, and you’ll have them all on one convenient chart.

Musculoskeletal Points:Treat any musculoskeletal problem right now with these points.

Organ Points:Focus on any internal difficulty with the organ points.

Points for Addictions:Displayed by addiction type, this chart covers all the points you need for smoking withdrawal, alcohol, and even drug addiction.this chart covers all the points you need for smoking withdrawal, alcohol, and even drug addiction.

You’re a talented healer who needs a way to quickly and easily locate acupoints—especially precision ear points—and provide effective, non-invasive treatment.

Trouble is, all the devices out there are too big, heavy, imprecise, or impractical to use with any precision. You can do your best to try, but it’s impossible to tell if you’re getting it right. You don’t need failed cases, and doubt is unacceptable. You need to know you precisely found the point and treated it effectively. That’s where we come in. We feel your pain, and we’ve got the help you need in the form of the Stimplus Pro.

Light, curved and precise. The Stimplus Pro provides exact point location and microcurrent treatment.

Its unsurpassed design, quality and effectiveness give you just what you need to get the treatment right, every time. You’ll never doubt again! Best of all, we’ve got more than just a tool for you. We’ve got complete video training to answer all your questions and get you up to speed, fast. Here’s all you need to do: Step 1. Order Your Stimplus Pro Step 2. Watch the Online Video Training Step 3. Treat with Confidence! You can keep messing with the wrong tools and questioning your results, or y


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