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Future of Medicine, Integrated-Functional Approach to Treatment

Article Dr. Bouldin Wrote for a Colleague

What Makes a Good Functional Medicine Provider Unique, Special and Different: The philosophy and ideology of functional medicine concepts are centered around evaluating, diagnosing and treating from a comprehensive and integrated approach.

What does that mean?

It means spending more time with our patients to build a detailed and specific history and physical so that all areas of concern are addressed and taken care of individually and specifically to each patient’s needs.

Specifically, taking more time to assess and evaluate all symptoms and concerns both objectively and subjectively taking a multi-dimensional, multifactorial and multidisciplinary approach to a patient’s overall health and wellness.

So, What is It Exactly?

“The integration and utilization all accepted forms of medical disciplines such as Traditional Medicine, Functional Medicine, Natural Medicine, Asian or Alternative Medicine and Complementary Medicine for a complete and holistic approach to our patient’s health and wellness where providers assess and breaking down medicine into a series of specialties and disciplines.

Then the provider gets a much better picture of a patient's overall wellbeing, spiritually, mentally and physically where they are able to view things and our patients in a very

thorough and detailed

“Comprehensive and Integrated Way”

Providers will spend more time and specialized attention to evaluate what is really going on internally and externally and normally will not believe in the “High Volume Practice Model” where you are rushed through the doors and given medications without full rationale medical consultation and explanation.

Providers and seasoned staff should and will spend time listening to your concerns and make well thought out fully explained long term treatment plans rather than “just throwing medicines at patients, hoping and guessing you will maybe get things right!’

Most or the population today understand that the managed care model with a quick turn high volume approach is unsafe, unnecessary and could be life-threatening in some cases!

This is what Dr. Bouldin Outlined for an Inegrated Practice.

Some of the questions that we ask on our initial consultation should be:

  • What are the common underlying links for your concerns are and how it affects your whole body and all of you connected organ systems as it pertains to what it needs to operate and function at its optimal levels each day?

  • What are the core factors that are driving all of your health conditions from head to toe for all of your Biological, Sociological and Psychological elements in your life history?

  • What is or are the simplest, safest, most straight forward ways to approach, treat and manage these core issues at the very cause or root of the concern or problems?

  • What are ALL of your symptoms by character, timing, frequency, fully described nature, what triggers them, what alleviates them, and their chronology?

  • What is your environment like and how does it affect the way you think, look and feel?

  • What are your life and daily stresses and your stress relievers with your work, relationships, sleep, exercise, and diet?

  • What medication have you taken or taking and if you have been exposed to toxin exposure such as molds and other infectious agents?

  • Your Functional Medicine Visit Goals should be a comprehensive, integrated and multidisciplinary

  • The Provider will utilize functional medicine concepts and ideologies to assess and evaluate

  • The Provider should have a very detailed, focused history and physical where they take their time and it should be done in person verses on telehealth so the provider can get a full understanding of your energy, your appearance and hear your voice!

  • You should expect your first initial visit to take 1. 75 to 2 hours where you will be made to feel at home where you feel comfortable and relaxed to get to know the staff and build an alliance and a trusting repour with the provider.


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