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RAMI Algorithms are Creating Massive ROIs for Infusion Clinics!

RAMI or "Reimbursable Advanced Medical Infusions" is a business model is similar to the everyday Med Spa Type Infusion Hydration Clinics, but very different in how they operated and what they offer other than the basic one step formula- $200.00 per bag, per infusion-hydration replacement. The RAMI approach is much, much different in that our formulas are researched based and backed by Validated Pre-Test & Post-Test Brain Imaging.

My process has been tested, reviewed and validated with Evidence based methodologies and modalities with before and after treatments. We have been using in the most difficult segment of healthcare, Addiction and Recovery Medicine in extreme cases with severe Dopaminergic Dysfunction and Dysregulation and the results are off the charts to the major upside of "Long Term Positive Outcomes!" And, we are using this new technology in late term addicted mothers and their babies are being born, "Completely Clean, with Zero Post-Acute Withdrawal Sequela, No Focal Deficits with Clean Labs and Imaging!"

That said,

My patent pending formulas are very fine tuned, highly concentrated and patient specific based on actual presentation and specifically concentrated for, [Total Brain and Body Restoration, Reparation, Regeneration & Rejuvenation] or "TB2R4 Infusion"...

I have been awarded a provisional patent and I am first to file a patent on this technology...where more are sure to follow...but the importance is more in the broadness of the formula and more importantly, the person who is first to file on the technology for overall significance and evaluation...


The key to success in this business is to provide it too the masses with those that have insurance verses, "Cash Pay Only" clinics which is proving most adversarial to vertical growth and success pushing these clinics into highly affluent areas only...

But what about the rest of America and those folks who really need it, like in the addiction sequence? Hmmmm, "So what do you do? What's the real solution, and What is the Real Secret Sauce? What will make this amazing Product to a Bonified Home Run Business Model?"

“Its in the Billing! Get the Insurance Carriers to Pick Up the Tab!”

which is what all of the very successful basic hydration-vitamin-hangover cure" clinics across the country are struggling with, "Great Idea, Poor Reimbursement Model and Access to more Patients and MUCH higher Margins!

It has taken 3 years to figure it out and put it together as well as building the billing and coding alignments, claims architecture and utilization thresholds...Which is what and where my idea and model separate us from all of the other Infusion/Hydrations Clinics across America...

Last time I was out in Orange County, CA helping some colleagues competing against 32 other clinics in one county alone...And they are running a 3 month waiting list and driving more cash pay into all three locations...Why are they leaps and bounds above their competition, hand and fist on the positive upside vertical growth patterns and margins with no red behind it...It's Simple Really, Provide a:

"Better Service, Better Product, Better Outcome a Higher Margins with a way for patients to pay for it other than out of pocket!" and with a lower CPA and Higher ROI! Business 101 really and what VC and HF Groups want to know if you want to offload and cash out...

I’ll put it in simple terms,

If you could find a proper way to get third party payer IE Insurance Carriers to cover the cost for overhead IE Fixed Costs, Variable Costs to Real Estate, Labor and Supply Chains then you have a proper business model....

So, what most place do for their solution is cut the protocols and products down to minimal cost structures then raise cash pay rates to offset their margins to the upside...REALLY that bubble will bust as even people in the working class will stop paying for it as the outcomes will have suffered greatly!

Just give you an idea, for us to do the research based formulas and treatment protocols, Our Role up cost is one third of our reimbursement to the 75/25 ROI...Yes, pretty impressive and that will improve with pushing more volume and reducing inside CPAs and TCPP (treatment cost per patient).


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