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How Addiction Signals Our Genetics to Change Our Biology!

'IV NTR3 Micro-Nutrient Neuro-Restoration Therapy'

This Revolutionary and Innovative Procedure has been specifically designed to rapidly assist the addicted brain by restore widespread damaged areas of the dopamine producing and regulating mid brain areas of the limibic system which controls and regulates our emotions, feelings and subsequent moods and behaviors.

The goal of this type of directly correlated and highly concentrated Neuro-Restoration provides fast, effective and safe treatment for a wide range of addictive substances and addictive behaviors as well as substance induced mood disorders.

Once the body’s Neuro-Receptor and Neuro-Transmitter functions have been healed, restored rebalanced, recalibrated and regenerated back to a persons

"Natural Neuro-Physiological Native Baseline"

Especially from a patient’s Post-Acute Withdrawal Sequela (IE: cravings, anxiety, weight loss, insomnia and substance induced mood disorders) which will be rapidly and greatly minimized and, in most cases, completely eliminated in the first hours of the first day of the treatment!

When this occurs, then client-patients stand a real chance for a full physical and mental focus for a multi-disciplinary treatment team to properly treat the co-occurring medical, psychiatric, mental health and spiritual maladies of their addiction in order to achieve a full and total reconciliation and remediation of underlying co-occurring, co-morbid conditions that originally initiated and motived someone to self-medication with artificial and very toxic chemical substance use, misuse, abuse and addiction.

In More Simple Terms,

Drugs and alcohol damage the nervous system at the cellular level by grossly and artificially over stimulating neurotransmitter receptors and neurotransmitters by restructuring and changing their native form and function further downregulating the creation and regulation of the brain's Neuro-transmitter Chemical Messengers at the Nucleus level!

This continued unnatural, artificially supersaturated over stimulation eventually dulls the receptors and decreases the brains existing, necessary neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Serotonin, causing the need and desired for repeated chemical dependent self-medication drug, which people who abuse drugs seek for the newly designed and conditioned negative effect and subsequent affect in a person's moods and behaviors.

The new chemical dependency which then brings in chemical tolerance and withdrawal by the massive need to increase and sustain higher levels of substances, in order, for those to feel a normal closer to their newly created high level neurophysiological baseline.


When a person suffering from addiction attempts to cut down on their "self-medication" of drug of choice their receptors may heal completely with long periods of time for many months or years with proper high-level internal nutrition, but often they do not repair or restore since they lack the essential building blocks, cofactors and molecular optimizations needed and necessary for proper cellular restoration, reparation, recalibration and neo- regeneration for the intended neuro physiological form and function.


when this occurs, this leads to massive widespread brain dysfunction and dysregulations for how a person senses, processes, feels, emotes and behaves as seen like in the presentations of

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms such as:

Poor Sleep, High Anxiety, Increased Depression, Slowed Speech, Poor Memory, Poor Thought Processes, Decreased Motivation, Poor Appetite, and Diffuse Multi-Organ System Inflammatory Pain & Mental-Psychological Pain from Trauma!


Why does the brain not recover completely and promptly on its own?

The brain, especially our internal "reward circuitry" is extremely intricate, sensitive and complex which was assembled, developed and balanced in the first few weeks of conception in our primitive mid-brain (diencephalon) and as we grow and develop as children and adolescents over an 18–22-year Neurodevelopment.

I am sure all of us can agree:

These very sensitive, highly calibrated primitive deep brain structures were not designed to be "messed with" and exposed to highly toxic, damaging addictive external chemical substances especially at such extremely high amounts and for sustained long periods of time.

This in turn,

"Burns out and damages" these super sensitive, delicately balanced and finitely regulated brain regions, which MUST be

Repaired, Restored, Recalibrated, Rebalanced & Regenerated!


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